Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pastor Ayo Dada (aka Uncle Shafe!)

 Pastor Ayo Dada son of Pastor Philip Dada, Senior brother of my Aunty Titi, Junior brother of Baba Ijo Sola Dada, Rev. Olu Dada and Mommy Akure,

My father was one of the greatest men I ever knew but you were my other role model.  From as far as I can remember I wanted to be like you. You were smart, vibrant, hard working, ambitious and most of all you were a great dancer.  I wanted to be all of these things when I grow up, I wanted to be like you heck I wanted to have a beautiful girlfriend like you had and marry a woman as fun, loving and giving as Aunty Iyabo. I’m still trying to be a great dancer like you I need more work there. J

My first plane ride was because of you, I got to see Zaria and experience the cold harmattan weather of the north, drank fura and maishanu.

You loved me before I knew to love you. You told me stories about the selfless sacrifices my dad made for you and the rest of his siblings. Your story about pretending to be a haunted spirit and scaring a village from their water source was the best!! J

When Popsie passed away you showed us the love and respect that you had for the man and honored him in your relationship with us.

Shafe!!! That’s my mother calling, a name we all adopted. You will never be forgotten. Adieu! And welcome, Heaven is about to be entertained with some good music and dancing! Go ahead Uncle Shafe show them how it’s done.

May your soul rest in peace! I am proud to have known you and to call you Uncle Shafe!!

Your nephew


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